Cultivating the capacity to thrive in a complex world

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start-up, an up-and-coming market leader or a seasoned enterprise, we offer a variety of emergent learning products and services designed to integrate with your daily operations helping you to meet complexity and build capacity in the most cost-effective and convenient ways possible.

How well are you meeting complexity and building adaptive capacity in your leadership and organization?

Women's Leadership Circles

An integral leadership development program offering women entrepreneurs and leaders an appreciative environment to learn from, meet and grow through complexity, uncertainty and change in your life, work or business while increasing your capacity to bring forth the future you most want to create.

Thrivability e-Coaching

For those who are stretched for time or budget, Thrivability e-Coaching offers a web-based, self-paced version of our integral leadership development program.

Thrivability e-Coaching offers an emergent learning curric-You-lum, professional one-to-one coaching and a dynamic accountability system to help you liberate your power, express your full potential as a leader, and increase the value, influence and impact of your leadership out into the world.

Leading and Organizing for Wisdom

A program designed to help you liberate the next level performance and potential of your people and organization in the face of increasing complexity, uncertainty and change.

Our emergent learning approach to leadership, organization development and change can help you:

  • Evoke deeper levels of organizational wisdom and resourcefulness
  • Awaken higher levels of engagement and trust, and
  • Cultivate an adaptive, thriving culture of coherence and co-creativity


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