Complexity as Evolutionary Agent

Complexity jostles our thinking. It defies our rationale and takes hold of our emotional bones with an intensity that can’t be easily ignored. Over time, it rattles loose even the most deeply rooted ideas about who we think we are, and how we see each other and the world. It’s on a mission. And as it reaches our core, it calls forth our power and potential to become the next great version of ourselves. Complexity is an agent of our highest evolution, here to wake us from our unconscious slumber.
When complexity first comes knocking, it engages your mind. You might strategize and maneuver, all the while thinking, “I’ve got this.” You apply your best thinking from the same orientation you always have. Meanwhile Einstein rolls over in his grave.

When I first ran into trouble in my new organizational environment I ran through all of the old strategies I knew to make things better. Up until then I had been trading on my knowledge and expertise, a map that worked wonders in my old world. But the complexity, conflict and confusion that my old map was causing in my new world, was instrumental in shaking everything that I thought defined me loose so that I could come to reclaim what was truly mine.

Next up, on our evolutionary journey are the emotional pit stops. Here we’ll be revisiting all of the old stuck points and memories of experiences gone wrong.


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