Organizations face increasing complexity for which entrepreneurs, executives and employees alike feel ill-prepared. People at all levels strive and come up short. Old ways of working are no longer working. New ideas overwhelmingly revered in some parts of the organization are subversively resisted in others, turning today’s solutions into tomorrow’s problems. How then do we go from striving and surviving to thriving in a complex world?

Emergent Learning is an orientation and process designed to liberate the personal power and potential of people and organizations in the face of complexity, uncertainty and change in the workplace. Emergent Learning helps organizations develop organic, localized, scalable and sustainable approaches to meeting complexity and building adaptive capacity in your own environment.

Benefits to Organizations

Understand where, when and how to foster emergent learning for better outcomes

Gain a better understanding of the blind spots and barriers that created your current reality and avoid inadvertently recreating them in your desired future

Reduce unnecessary churn, stress and tanked morale; change with mindfulness, wellness and grace

Channel change resistance into an orchestrated symphony of creative tensions that actually move the organization forward rather than hold it back

Build the capacity to roll-your-own scalable and sustainable approaches to meeting complexity and building adaptive capacity in your organization; reduce dependency on outside sources

Benefits to Individuals

Get clear on where you really are and where you’re going; identify and learn from the beliefs, barriers and behaviors that limit or liberate your power and potential

Feel more mindful, resourceful and resilient in the face of change

Better meet complexity and strengthen your capacity to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings

Show up as your most integral and authentic self in the midst of a challenging time, bring more of your full potential and feel more co-creative in your work with others

Access a network of like-minded individuals who can help you move forward on your learning plan, tap into a rich learning well, access and share resources, tools and practices and practice showing up from a place of personal power and responsibility


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